Boston T (Vest) - Silver Comfort

The Boston T is the perfect mate to wear under your Boston Brace. This protective round neck body sock with single flap is superior to a regular t-shirt for cushioning. It stretches more than 150% to ensure a wrinkle-free fit under the Boston Brace.


Double flap available on request.


Material Content: CoolMax® with X-Static® pure silver fibre. Silver is recognised as the most effective antimicrobal agent available, natural or otherwise.Eliminates odor causing bacteria and fungus. Safe, non-toxic. Contains no chemicals. Heat transfer: Cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Anti-static.

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Model Size Width Chest circumference Length
BMAGLF1 Silver Comfort, Single Flap Large 10inches/25.4cm 32-40inches/81.3-102cm 28inches/71cm
BMAGMF1 Silver Comfort, Single Flap Medium 8inches/203cm 24-32inches/61-81.3cm 21inches/53.3cm
BMAGSF1 Silver Comfort, Single Flap Small 6inches/15.2cm 16-24inches/40.6-61cm 19inches/48.3cm
BMAGXLF1 Silver Comfort, Single Flap X-Large 12inches/30.5cm 40-48inches/102-122cm 28inches/71cm