Boston T (Vest) - Standard

The Boston T is the perfect mate to wear under your Boston Brace. This protective round neck body sock with single flap is superior to a regular t-shirt for cushioning. It stretches more than 150% to ensure a wrinkle-free fit under the Boston Brace.


Material content: 95.6% CoolMax® and 4.4% Lycra®CoolMax® includes an effective fibre-based moisture management system whcih moves persperation away from the body and through the fabric where it evaporates quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Item No. Choose option
Item No. Width Chest circumference Length
1BP2BVLL 10inches/25.4cm 32-40inches/81.3-102cm 28inches/71cm
1BP2BVML 8inches/20.3cm 24-32inches/61-8.13cm 21inches/53.3cm
1BP2BVSL 6inches/15.2cm 16-24inches/40.6-61cm 19inches/48.3cm
1BP2BVXX 12inches/30.5cm 40-48inches/102-122cm 28inches/71cm